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Hanging balloon Hanging balloon

Handmade Made in Czech

Best seller CE

This is the original hanging balloon. They are popular and classic crafts from the Czech republic. They are handmade with good quality materials.

within 14 days
Prague devil springy Prague devil springy

Handmade Made in Czech 3+

Ecological Wood CE

Figures on springs or springys started in the Czech republic. Spring mobiles became very popular firstly in tourist shops in Prague and then all over the world. Originally just the figures were pop...

in stock
Pile up dog Pile up dog

Handmade Made in Czech CE

Ecological Wood Educational 2+

A safe classic educational build up toy with 6 chunky pieces and floppy wobbly ears. Made with ecological wood that is environmentally friendly, eco-friendly from sustained forests. Approximate siz...

in stock
Snowman build up Snowman build up

Handmade Best seller Educational 1+

Ecological Wood Made in Czech CE

4-6 weeks
Original push up, press up old lion Original push up, press up old lion

Handmade CE

Made in Czech 3+

Made for over 50 years, these are the original Czech wooden push up, press up toys. Handmade top quality wood. The originals and the best. Approximate size: 5 x 5 x 13 cms. 60 gms.

within 1 month
Happy, sad yo yo Happy, sad yo yo

Handmade Made in Czech 3+

Ecological Wood CE

This is a unique and original design wooden yo yo with a happy face on one side and sad on the other. It is produced from good quality Czech wood and has a nice smooth surface. Approximate size: 6 ...

in stock
Mouse Mouse

Handmade Made in Czech 1+

Ecological Wood CE

Czech wooden toys are famous and some of our toys have been produced for years. This ecological little wooden toy mouse is a classic. Ideal for little hands or as a decorative gift. It's fun: the n...

in stock
Flying parrot mobile Flying parrot mobile

Handmade Best seller CE

Ecological Wood Made in Czech

Handmade Czech wooden mobiles are famous. Ideal for hanging in nurseries, childrens rooms, shops, they add colour and fun to any space. A drawstring hangs down waiting to be pulled and when someone...

in stock
Pull along drumming pinocchio Pull along drumming pinocchio

Handmade Made in Czech 3+

Ecological Wood CE

Czech traditional wooden toys pull along drumming pinocchio. It really drums when pulled along. A great old-style traditional toy favourite. Approximate size: 19 x 12 x 20 cm.

in stock