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Butterfly puzzle Butterfly puzzle

Handmade Made in Czech CE

Ecological Wood Educational 3+

These are chunky original Czech puzzles for young children. Handmade from top quality beech wood from sustained local forests. They are good for the environment and made by local craftsmen (organi...

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Flying parrot mobile Flying parrot mobile

Handmade Best seller CE

Ecological Wood Made in Czech

Handmade Czech wooden mobiles are famous. Ideal for hanging in nurseries, childrens rooms, shops, they add colour and fun to any space. A drawstring hangs down waiting to be pulled and when someone...

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Hedgehog in a cage puzzle Hedgehog in a cage puzzle

Handmade Educational 3+

Made in Czech CE

The original classic Czech hedgehog in a cage puzzle. The goal is to take the hedgehog out of the cage and it is suitable for all ages, young and old. Approximate size: 11.5 x 7 cm. Supplied in ass...

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Hammer and pegs Hammer and pegs

Handmade Made in Czech CE

Ecological Wood Educational 2+

Czech traditional wooden toys hammer and pegs. A must have toy for all toddlers. Educational, it aids sensory and coordination development. Well made with quality local Czech beech wood. Approxima...

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Tumbling man Tumbling man

Made in Czech CE New

Educational 3+

Czech wooden toys forces educational toys tumbling man. Put the man figure at the top of the stairs and watch him go down.

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Ladybird Childrens Tabards Ladybird Childrens Tabards

UK Design 3+


Good quality aprons or tabards for cooking, painting and crafts. Ladybird pictures on the front and back, with a hook and waist loop fastening. One size fits all 3-6 years and easy wipe clean.

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Dog springy Dog springy

Handmade Made in Czech

Ecological Wood CE

Czech wooden toys, ecological wooden toys, natural wooden toys dog springy. Approximate size: 17.5-100 x 12.5 x 6 cm.

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Walking elephant Walking elephant

Handmade Best seller CE

Ecological Wood Made in Czech 3+

Original Czech wooden toys. The natural ramp walking elephant clicks as it really walks. Approximate size: 37 x 6 x 20 cm.

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