Czech wooden toys are famous and some of our toys have been produced for years. This ecological little wooden toy mouse is a classic. Ideal for little hands or as a decorative gift. It's fun: the natural wooden toys mouse. Approximate size: 12 x 7 x 4 cm.

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Czech Wooden Toys
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This chunky solid wood door mouse is made from eco-friendly natural wood. He is a safe attested, CE toy for children aged 1 upwards and is a lovely addition to any children’s bedroom, playroom or classic wooden toys children's toy box. He comes from Czech sustainable forests and all the woods used to make him are always replaced by planting trees which help keep earth, our planet, healthy. It has pin roller wheels enabling him to be pushed along, little ears and a hand painted face. He also has a cousin who is white and on this site too, can you find him?

Kids can use the toys for role playing and as props for drama and theatre scenes. They develop creative thinking skills, experience and learn how to make sense of the world around them at a level they understand and can connect with. They learn how to make up their own stories and understand the basic building blocks of concepts of storytelling (E.g. the beginning, middle and end, setting a plot and characters that can engage them in the story telling. The toy gives support to the teacher or person with or teaching the child, and support to the child. As an older person, you can choose a theme and suggest what might happen next in the stories. Funny voices, unusual accents appreciated! The more fun you put in to bring it alive, the better. However a child engages with the wooden toy it provides children with richer vocabulary of imagined and real language.

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