Giraffe springy

Animals on springs or springys started in the Czech republic. Spring mobiles became very popular firstly in tourist shops in Prague and then all over the world. Originally just the figures were popular until one day the spring was added.

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Giraffe springy
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Giraffe springy

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Spring Mobiles are unique. Our spring figures are the originals, handmade beech wood from ecological sustained forests in the Czech Republic, and good quality. Best sellers for many years.

Kids and adults love playing with spring mobiles. They are great for Christmas time and Christmas stockings and can be used as Christmas tree decorations too. Babies love looking at them and without the spring these wooden figures; with string arms and legs; are ideal playthings for babies and toddlers. Original decorations for nurseries and good for dangling above cots, they add a bit of life and fun to any other space too. Good presents for kids and corporate gifts for adults too.

They are the originals, good quality and made in Czech. They are handmade and hand painted.

Approximate size of the figure without spring: 8 x 3 cm. Approximate weight: 150 grams.

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